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 My Forum, My Rules! Please read them.

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PostSubject: My Forum, My Rules! Please read them.   Sat Aug 08, 2009 2:02 pm

By registering with this site, you agree to abide by the rules of this site.

No spam please. There is a section for you to advertise your products/services so please use that. However, you are allowed to provide the title to your thread in the advertising forum as long as it is in relation to the topic being discussed. For example, if someone mentions in a thread that they are after a new car, and you are advertising your car for sale in the advertising forum, you may let them know about it and provide the title to the thread (so they know what to look for) advertising your car. Advertising anything pornographic will be removed.

Any offensive material will be deleted. This includes any pornography of any kind, and links to pornographic sites. I hate pornography and repeat offenders will have their account deleted.

Slanderous comments will be removed. For those who don't know what slander means, its an abusive attack on a person's character or good name. Trying to destroy a persons reputation wont work. You will just end up destroying your own. If you have an issue you should confront the person, or take it up with me (if its an issue that effects the forum). Do not post threads/comments about the person behind their back. If you feel that a person is a threat and/or danger to society, take it up with the proper authorities. If you feel that you need help with this, let me know and I will do what I can to help.

A very small amount of profanity will be allowed. Everyone swears a little these days, including myself. However anything too vulgar and offensive will be deleted.

Also, please keep your racist bullshit to yourself. Australia is a multi-cultural society and that is what makes this place so great. Racist comments will be deleted.

What you can do in this forum:

Arguing and debating are allowed and encouraged, as long as it doesn't get too personal. There is nothing better than getting into a good debate with someone as long as it stays on the topic of the thread. However, if the argument/debate starts to get out of hand, I will have to put a stop to the thread.

Friendly banter is allowed, but there is a fine line between kidding around and cyber-bullying. Don't cross that line. Your comments will be deleted and any repeat offenders will be removed from the forum.

Flirting is allowed in the forum of course, but the moment things start to get too explicit... Yep, deleted. However, sexual harrasment will not be tolerated. I will be providing an "Adults Only" section in this forum later on (when I figure out how to) where only those who are over the age of 18 can enter. When this happens, you will be able to post more explicit comments in that section only (no pornography and no harrasment though), but until then, keep it clean.

Putting your affiliate links in your signature are allowed, but please keep them to a minimum. I have set up an advertising section in the forum for you to promote your products and services. If you are in another section of this forum, and you come across a comment/thread where someone is talking about a particular issue, and you think they may be interested in your product, then you may let them know about your advertisement and provide them with the name of your thread. They can decide for themselves if they want to see your advertisement or not. Do not bombard people with comments asking them to see your advertisement. Your comments will be deleted, keep doing it and your account will be deleted.

You are allowed to provide links to other websites that you aren't affiliated with in your comments as long as it is relevant to the thread topic. For example, your discussing recent news and someone wants to know where you got your information from, you may provide a link. Links to you tube videos, funny websites, podcasts and such are allowed, as long as it is relevant to the topic being discussed. You also may provide links to your own blogs, again, only if it is relevant to the topic, or if someone asks to see it of course. If you want to let everyone know about your own personal blog, you may provide a link(s) when you introduce yourself in the "Tell us a little about yourself" section of the forum.

If you have a complaint about anything or anyone in this forum, please let me know. Its my job to make sure things run smoothly and keep everyone happy. Also, any suggestions on how to improve the forum will be greatly appreciated.

I will be heavily active in this forum, joining in on discussions and debates. I may even join in on a little friendly banter, but if anyone feels offended by anything I have said, please speak up! It is within my best interests to keep this forum a happy place, so if you feel that I have said something that you consider innapropriate, it is important that you let me know.

Please respect the rules of the forum. They're not hard to follow. I do understand most people don't actually read the rules of the forum, and why would you? They are boring and I think I have repeated myself a few times anyway. So if you do break a rule, I will just assume that you haven't read the rules and ask you to do so, but if you keep breaking them over and over again, your outta here!

If there is anything in the rules that doesn't make sense, let me know and I will set things straight. If you have any questions, just ask me.

Jenna Newbery

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My Forum, My Rules! Please read them.
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